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Free SEO tools to improve marketing

Improving the ranking of the website over the search engine is not an easy task for SEO professionals. A proper planning and right strategy is required to meet the requirements of the customer.

A number of SEO tools are available online for free that can help a lot to achieve the desired goal.Below mentioned are some of the best free SEO tools available in the market-


Google PageSpeed Insights


This tool is used to check the speed and usability of a website on different devices connected to the internet. The person just needs to enter the URL of his website and after that the loading time and performance are checked by this tool for mobile and desktop.

It also gives detailed information regarding the issues that are needed to be fixed in the website. User experience score and different grading areas are also shown in the result after testing.


Google Keyword Planner


Google keyword planner is no doubt one of the coolest and most powerful keyword research tool. It is provided by Google Adwords and helps to build new search network campaigns or to improve the existing campaigns.

It provides the option to search keywords, gives information about their performance, creation of new list by multiplying different list of keywords, selecting competitive bids and budgets that suits well for the campaign.


Google Trends


It shows the total search volume of the keyword in different countries of the world. It gives an overall view so that the user can do further adjustments according to that. The combined search volume that is displayed consist the trends for a particular language.




It is also a keyword research tool like the Google Keyword Planner. It lets the user to generate similar and long keywords from the keyword that has been entered. It is considered to be the best alternative of the Keyword Planner offered by Google.

It’s accuracy level is very high and it also shows the keywords that are restricted by Google adwords. Its speed makes it the best among all the other third party keyword generator tools.


Google Analytics


It is a web tool that is used for tracking the status of the website on the search engine. It is the most widely used analytics tool on the internet. A person having a Gmail account can sign up and easily use this tool. It visualises data under certain segments that keeps on updating with time.




Bitly is a very famous tool for URL shortening. According to the reports more than 500 million links are shortened by bitly per month.These short links are mainly used by the user for social networking, SMS and email marketing.

Bitly is the default url shortening service provider for twitter. It replaced twitter’s own service t.co.


Open Site Explorer


It is a link analysis tool which is used to explore different web pages that have been indexed by the search engine and gives a detailed information about the competition that the website of the user id facing with other websites.


SERPs Rank Checker


It is a tool that allows the user to quickly check and track the status of ranking of keywords on the top 300 SERP results that consist of multiple domain and keywords. Domain name or the keyword for which the ranking is needed to be checked is entered and the further process takes place.

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