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Some of the Biggest SEO myths

SEO contains different marketing strategies and practice. It is a big world in which most of the information is true but there are some myths also. We often see a lot of updates from Google which impacts the strategies of digital marketing.

Below we have mentioned some of the common misconceptions in the digital marketing world-

Link Building is not a good practice

It has been heard many times that link building is not considered important by Google. It is not considered important under the webmaster guidelines.But it is not true, link building is considered to be the most strongest ranking signal for search engine Google. It is very important to build quality links to gain high rankings.

SEO is fraud

It is one of the most common perception by many business owners. People think that if we are paying a certain amount of money to any digital marketing agency that promises to deliver great result within a genuine period of time then it is a fraud.

It is one of the biggest myths. But in some cases it is true if the website that needs SEO has very less problems then it can be corrected and optimized for high ranking within a short period of time.

Google Hummingbird has made keyword targeting irrelevant

Google Hummingbird update has changed the whole scenario of keyword search.People think that it forces long tail optimization so there is now less importance of short term keywords.

The truth is that hummingbird does not forces long tail optimization, it rephrases long tail keywords in such a way that they give the closest result to the desired search of the user.

Submitting sites to search engine

It is one of the common SEO myth that we need to submit the website that we want to see on Google. The reality is that when we purchase a new domain the company that provides hosting automatically submits our website to the search engine. BIg search engines like- Google, Bing, Yahoo adopt a different strategy to find new websites quickly.

High number of Backlinks

Many SEO executives think that more the number of backlinks are there on a website higher would be its ranking. Well the reality is that Google considers the quality rather than the quantity of backlinks. One quality link from a big website would carry more importance rather than a high number of backlinks from a low quality website.

Keyword Stuffing

It is mostly said that the high volume of keyword in the website content would lead to high ranking of the website in google search results. It is not true, search engines decides the ranking of a website based on the topic of the content and not on the volume of keywords stuffed in the content.

Social Signals are not very important for SEO

Social signals are not very important for ranking a website on Google by most of the digital marketing executives. The reality is that google does not denies the fact that social signals play a very important role in ranking of a website.

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